Yoga and Wellness

Yoga is the perfect module for wellness. You can understand this yoga is a way to achieve wellness. Health and wellness are closely related where health is supposed to be free from disease and disorders and wellness is related to the complete healthy lifestyle. Wellness is something beyond only physical health where we all try to live healthy Life by following good habits in life. Yoga promotes both health and wellness. The roots of yoga are found in Indian history. Yoga is as old as The world. Yoga is a precious heritage of Indian culture. Yoga is an integral part of the lifestyle. Yoga is a disciplined lifestyle that improves physical mental and social spiritual health. Yoga does not only treat or cure disease or just a way to be fit physically it has immense power of changing our lifestyle completely. It changes our anti-natural lifestyle, rude behaviour, and negative thoughts, etc into nature-friendly, polite. and positivity in thoughts.

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