We Provide

We Provide Assured & Quick Treatments For different types of diseases
A. Respiratory Problems: B. Physical Disorders:
Asthma Problem Pain in Knee, Waist, Joint & Back
Allergies from Dust, Smoke & Smell Arthritis
Congestion due to Cough & Cold Slip Disc
 C.Digestive Problems: Short Height Low Concentration
Constipation Hyperacidity Diabetes Ulcers & Piles Colitis & Hepatitis Gastric problems D. Mental Stress: Anxiety Hyper Tension Depression
D. Problems due to Over Weight:
Heart Problem Blood Pressure Migraine Thyroid Fat Accumulation
  • Special Seminars and Workshops, to spread awareness about Healthy Living in Schools & Educational Institutions, Offices, Clubs, Govt. Departments, Rural Areas, Health Camps,
  • Orientation and Training Sessions for the benefits of Yoga & Meditation to the people working with M.N.C.s, Corporate and Business Houses in order to enhance the quality & productivity of work.
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