Yoga and Wellness

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Yoga is the perfect module for wellness. You can understand this yoga is a way to achieve wellness. Health and wellness are closely related where health is supposed to be free from disease and disorders and wellness is related to the complete healthy lifestyle. Wellness is something beyond only physical health where we all try […]


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Benefits of Yoga therapy Yoga therapy has so many benefits like it regulates blood pressure(High and low both), it help us to manage stress, It controls Diabetes, Headache, Migraine, Poor Memory, obesity, it Reduces Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety etc. Yoga therapy also help us to increases the flow of Prana , flexibility, Energy level, Athletic Performance […]


Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar)

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Warms up and prepares the body for asana practice. Lubricates and increases the blood supply to the joints. Stretches and strengthens the whole body. Improves efficiency of the internal organs. Helps to detoxify the body. Stimulates pingala/surya nadi which increases energy and stimulates digestion. Increases the prana in the body and helps to remove energy […]